Look What I Found #3

Well, it has been somewhat of a slow week with regards to super interesting content worth sharing. Rather than try and force things I thought it would be best to share what I have, even if the pickings are somewhat slim.

Thanks must go out to long time friend Chris (@cainslie on Twitter) for suggesting that I gave the Chase Jarvis Live podcast a go. I had always assumed that it was about photography and avoided it as I was looking for different content. Thankfully, Chris set me straight and I have been enjoying it thus far.


This week I am recommending, for the second week in a row, a podcast from the After On podcast by Rob Reid.

This is a two part series with Naval Ravikant and is entitled End Games. I have enjoyed following Naval for some time on Twitter and was quite looking forward to this talk – I wasn’t disappointed! For those unfamiliar with who he is or what he does here is the short blurb from the after-on.com website:

Naval Ravikant is a serial entrepreneur, and one of Silicon Valley’s most prolific and successful angel investors. He started the agenda-setting investment platform AngelList (which we discussed in a special episode for Patreon backers earlier this month). And he’s deeply influential in the cryptocurrency world (which we discuss on Patreon today).

I’ve always found Naval to be a profoundly original thinker on many topics. Including the one we’re discussing today, which is existential risks. These are a set of dangers, which might – in a worst-case scenario – imperil the existence of human civilization.

Episode 44: Naval Ravikant | End Games (part one)

Episode 45: Naval Ravikant | End Games (part two)

I really enjoyed this conversation on what are issues that are just around the corner and which most people don’t give a second thought to.

Here is a bit more from the after-on.com website:

Unusually, this episode is much more of a conversation than an interview. The backstory is, I wrote a series of four essays about existential risk for Medium.com in the fall. Naval and I swapped some email about that writing, and found we viewed many dangers through a remarkably similar lens. We decided discuss all this on the podcast.

Because I’d developed a fairly detailed set of arguments in my essays, Naval initially suggested the episode might be a bit more like him interviewing me. So, whereas I usually do maybe 10 to 15% of the talking in one of my interviews, maybe the ratio would invert in this case. But as we started recording, it was instantly clear that Naval also had a huge trove his original thoughts connected to existential risks. So the result is a very balanced conversation.

As Rob Reid mentions, the talks were born out of four essays he wrote for medium.com. If you would like to read the articles you may discover that they are behind a paywall. However, if you go to his Twitter account you will find he posted links that allow you to read them free of charge. Rob Reid can be found at @Rob_Reid


This next recommendation is something that I have been using for the better part of 12 years. It is so good that I now exclusively use the brand and found myself buying some more this past week.

In my opinion Powerex make the best AA batteries in the world. Sure, that isn’t actually an objective fact, but I have yet to come across anything better.

Look what I found

If you are using equipment like camera flashes then these are indispensable. They are reliable, hold a charge for an incredibly long time, and seem to hold up to more abuse than any other battery I have used.

As far as I know they are only available through outdoorphoto.co.za and at R325 they aren’t the cheapest batteries you can find, but they are definitely worth it.

The Powerex chargers are also a must if you want to keep your batteries in tip top condition. I use the MH-C9000 and couldn’t be happier. In fact, I am on my second on after an electricity surge claimed my first. Without hesitation I picked up a second unit!


This past week I came across what has the potential to be the ultimate Notes app for iOS. Agenda Is different from the other apps I have tried in that you are able to link notes to calendar events in your iOS calendar app.

Soon you will even be able to add reminders to notes – multiple reminders at that! You will be able to create an event, link a note to the event, and then within the note setup different reminders for different actions/tasks within that single note.

For now I have just been playing around with the free version, but there is also a paid for version of the app that unlocks a host of other nice features like being able to create events from within Agenda, select which system calendars are shown, pin notes, choose between thumbnail and full width images, and a whole host more.

There is also a Mac version of the app (also free with a paid version) so everything you do will sync across all you Apple devices.

If you are on iOS/Mac OS and often make use of notes type apps then you should really check out Agenda.


I had high hopes to get through a book this week – I didn’t even get a chance to make it past the first page.  🙁
Such was the week that was. I read a lot of articles but none really jumped out as being worth sharing – perhaps I was looking in the wrong places.

Hopefully I will have a lot more to share in a weeks time with you, but please do send me your own recommendations via the comments below. I would also like to start discovering other photographers, especially those that are new or who should be household names but for some reason aren’t!  If you have any names worth sharing please do so below.


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