NEW: Godox AD200Pro

Over the past year or two Godox has updated its monohead flashes with the likes of the AD600Pro and AD400Pro being added to the range of lights they offer. They have also included some interesting new speedlights like the Godox V1 which offers a round/circular head and not the traditional rectangular head that most other speedlights offer.

Now, they have come out with the AD200Pro that offers some nice upgrades over the regular AD200 model.


For those not familiar with the Godox range of lights, the AD200 was billed as having “strong power with lightweight and great portability. Easily packed in your pocket.” It has become a firm favourite among photographers looking for something more powerful than a speedlight whilst remaining small and lightweight.

Over the years new accessories were added giving photographer the option of four different heads, an extension head, as well as a dual power bracket allowing you to join two AD200 heads together.


Firstly, the good news is that the AD200Pro uses much of what photographers love about the AD200. The different heads and accessories will fit the AD200Pro, and the battery is the same as well. This should help keep costs down if/when upgrading.

New Godox AD200Pro

Godox has added a “Stable Colour Temperature” mode to the AD200Pro that improves the colour stability to ±100K across the power range of the flash. When not in this mode the colour accuracy remains at ±200k – the same as for the AD200.

Other things that have definitely changed is that the AD200Pro now offers a nine stop power range, and there is also a slightly redesigned rear panel that houses a few extra buttons to make setting and adjusting the flash that much simpler.

New Godox AD200Pro

The AD200Pro is also now ever so slightly larger and heavier than the AD200. It gains 30 grams in weight and is 4mm longer and 2mm thicker. None of this should make much difference in real world usage.


I think this is going to be a nice incremental improvement to the existing AD200 that will probably be better suited to new buyers and not existing users looking to upgrade. The AD200, after all, is still a great flash!

For some time I have looked for a small setup to use for a mobile headshot studio, one that is still versatile enough to use during weddings and other such events. Initially I had thought of a set of V1 or V850 flashes, but I think the AD200Pro might be better suited to my needs.

I’m not sure on South African availability and/or pricing but I would love to get my hands on a set for testing. US pricing has been set, and the Kit is available at $349.

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