School Photos

2020 has really been a year to forget rather than a year to remember. So much of what we all had planned at the start of the year has had to be put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept across the globe, but there are still things worth remembering.

This year our son started his first year at a new school. We managed to get the usual photos of him and his sister on the first day, but we were quite looking forward to getting a copy of his annual school photo, but will this even happen now?

School Photos

School photos are ordinarily the type of photography that has to be done on mass. Teams arrive at schools and and somehow manage to photograph all the kids in a single day, which is no mean feat at some of the larger high schools. This does unfortunately mean that the photographers can’t always be as discerning as they would ordinarily like to be – something has to give and so often it is the time needed to really get the best smile, the nicest expression, or to notice the small details out of place.

With much of the school year having already been lost the studios which normally go from school to school capturing images of the kids will be under even more pressure to get it done. They have to get it done as what business can afford to just write off a whole year, but will this come at a cost?

School Photos

I decided to setup a small headshot/portrait space at home and get to work taking some photos of the kids, just in case we didn’t get anything this year, and was thrilled with the results. I captured a range of images from candid to serious and couldn’t be happier.

This got me thinking that there could be others looking for something similar. A quick shoot to remember the year that in most other cases isn’t worth remembering. I will be putting something together and announcing it soon, so If you may be interested then please send me your details and i’ll update you as soon as everything has been finalised.

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