Headshot Photography


Once a necessity, headshot photography fell off the RADAR for some time. However, thanks to the internet and Social Media, headshot photography has made quite a comeback in recent years.

In truth headshots never left us and were always a large part of the acting profession, but somehow most other professions and trades moved away from headshots. Often opting for less formal images in their place or not even requiring them at all.

Fast forward several years and enter Social Media. With sites like Facebook quickly changing how we interact personally and professionally, a well curated avatar soon become a requirement for those looking to standout. It wasn’t until LinkedIn hit the scene that things really took off. All of a sudden it wasn’t the done thing to have a photo of yourself eating from a tub of ice-cream whilst in your ‘comfy’ pyjamas!

Does your online image scream ‘Netflix & Chill’? Perhaps it is time to take it up a notch. Have a look at the samples below and then get in touch to find out just how easy it is to update your online presence.