FujiFulm 50-140 at the 2016 Dusi – A year later!


FujiFulm 50-140 at the 2016 Dusi – A year later!


Last year I wrote this post about my experiences at the Dusi 2015 with the Fuji X-T1 and some of the lenses I had at the time. I was less than impressed with a few things, namely the focusing of the 55-200, but was blown away by others. So what has changed in the past year?

Well I got rid of the 55-200. The FujiFilm 50-140 was always the lens I wanted, but they weren’t in the country in time for last years Dusi, so I had purchased the the 55-200 to tie me over until it was released. Fuji also released a significant firmware update for the X-T1 which, among other things, greatly improved the cameras focus tracking, but did it make a difference? Well yes, and here is why.

Initially I thought that the 55-200 was mostly to blame, but I think that the firmware alone would have made a big difference, but coupled with the 50-140, which is in another league to the 55-200, I was shooting with way more confidence. I also wasn’t having to shoot as many bursts of images. Instead I was able to pick off shots knowing that the camera was tracking much more accurately.

Dusi 2016, FujiFilm, X-T1, 50-140, fujifilm 50-140, Day 3, Two paddlers,

The only area where the 55-200 had the 50-140 trumped was in terms of the focal length. I really did miss having the extra reach, but cant really justify getting the new 100-400 as this isn’t the sort of shoot I do on a daily basis. I may consider getting the 1.4X converter rather, but again, only if the need arrises.

Other issues that I still have with the X-t1, and they really are minor, are things like the focus point selection, which I find a hack. I also wish that the custom settings found in the Q Menu were a physical switch similar to the implementation on Canon SLR’s. I find having to go into the Q Menu for this means that I hardly use the custom settings and shoot everything on the same camera settings. The great news with regards to the focus selection is that the X-Pro2 was released recently and has a very cool joystick selector. I’m hoping that this finds its was to the X-T2 when it is announced/launched.

Dusi 2016, FujiFilm, X-T1, 50-140, fujifilm 50-140

FujiFilm 50-140, Dusi 2016, Day 3, Just before Pump House

 That is really it! I am super happy with the advancements Fuji has made with their cameras and lenses. The range is growing nicely, and with the exception of a Macro lens I pretty much have everything I need at this point. Hopefully I will have a few more posts about trials and tribulations of the system, but no promises as I really am rubbish at blogging! If there is anything you would like to know just drop a line in the comments below.

The 2016 Dusi Canoe Marathon shot with the FujiFilm 50-140

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