I took this photo right outside my front door. It isn’t the best image I have ever taken, but I like it none the less and thought I would share it. There is something about the combination of the colours and the lighting that appealed to me.

Image Details

  • FujiFilm XT-1
  • XF 56 f1.2
  • RAW
  • Shooting aperture – f2.8
  • Shutter Speed – 1/640
  • ISO – 200
  • Film Simulation – Provia (Applied in Lightroom)

Editing Details

I didn’t do much editing to the image outside of Lightroom. I did simple corrections in the Basics Tab (No Color Correction) and applied a custom medium contrast curve in the Tone Tab. I used a simple radial filter to apply a vignette and then applied a graduated filter to burn in the bottom of the image, which I thought was too bright. I have included below the 4 stages of editing. Unedited, basic correction, radial filter, and the graduated filter.



If there is anything you would like to know about the images, the editing, or the equipment please just hit me up in the comments below!



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