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For some time I have been looking at simplifying my lighting, to move everything to a single brand, and more importantly a single trigger, and to make it smaller and lighter.

This idea was motivated by a video I saw on Youtube some time ago by American photographer, Zack Arias. It it he talks about being able to distill his lighting down to a single bag containing a single brand of lights that all ran off of the same trigger system.

That idea sounded amazing! Who wouldn’t want that in their life? Right? On paying closer inspection to the setup that Zack went with I realised that it wouldn’t really work for me as at the time Phottix didn’t have much on offer for FujiFilm users. Also, a lot of the lights just weren’t available in South Africa.

Yesterday Sean Tucker posted a video in a similar vein to the one Zack posted, with the exception that the lights are smaller, lighter, and importantly, available in SA and for Fuji users.

I have been following the Godox brand for some time now and it is shaping into quite a nice system. They really do need to be praised for the leaps and bounds they have made in the past few years.

The setup in this video is pretty close to ideal for the sort of work I do. But, I could even add to it over time by including lights like the AD 400 Pro and/or the AD 600 Pro.

What is impressive is the pricing. If you went with everything in this kit, and even threw in a few extras, the setup would come in under R25,000 from the local suppliers. And, if you just so happened to be in the States you could get the kit for about $1,100 (R15,500), which is less than the price of a single ProPhoto or Broncolor light.

So, what are your thoughts with regards to Sean’s portrait lighting kit or the idea to simplify your lighting down to a single bag of lights? Let me know in the comments below what you think of the idea or if you have found any better options.

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  • Chris09/04/2019 - 06:18

    Graham, clearly Godox have given a lot of thought to how that setup goes together. Sean’s video is awesome!!
    I’ve got a 300ws Godox studio light which is (by Godox standards) quite old now, I think I’ve had it about 5 years, but it really does work like a cart horse.
    Regrettably, I invested in Yongnuo and will need to make a decent investment to switch.  I went with 3 speedlights with integrated RF triggers and a master controller. They are almost direct clones of the Canon speedlights and really do work extremely well, especially with the external power pack which will power 2 lights for 800 shots at full power.  I say regrettably because Yongnuo haven’t taken the same approach as Godox with their system and it’s not as modular.  Still decent kit though.ReplyCancel

    • Graham Carruthers09/04/2019 - 06:24

      Thanks for the info Chris. I had two Yongnuo flashes that one day decided to only work at full power regardless of what I set them to. A quick google search later and I found out that the ones I had didn’t play nicely with high capacity batteries – they fried the circuits ☹️ReplyCancel

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