Replacement School Photos

I was on Twitter a while back scrolling aimlessly through my timeline when a tweet appeared from someone whom I do not follow. It was shared/liked by a friend of mine which is how it popped up.

We have all seen these complaints before – sadly they aren’t as rare in the photography industry as they ought to be. Whilst it is impossible to help everyone I did on this occasion feel like I should help – so I got in touch!

Having two kids of my own, and having been lucky enough to have had some really great school photos taken of my kids, it is probably this that motivated me to get in touch with Genevieve. Sometimes it is these photos that we look back 5/10/20 down the line on to remind ourselves of how fast our kids grew-up and missing a few years here and there, especially when they are young and changing the quickest, can be quite saddening.

We setup a mini shoot of her kids and I went through and got some cool pics of them. I have included below a couple of samples of what I was able to get in the short time I had with them. All in all I think the shoot was a huge success. Genevieve loved the images and I had a blast doing it – Glad that I could help and that everything worked out in the end.


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  • Chris18/04/2019 - 07:03

    Legend! Nicely done, there’s not enough of this type of thing in our world.ReplyCancel

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