Simones Headshots

I’ve always enjoyed photographing headshots which is probably because I have always enjoyed photographing and working with people in general. This goes back to when I was at the Natal Technikon and my final year specialist was black and white portraiture.

Simone contacted me during the lockdown just as it was becoming possible to start doing a bit of work again. In fact there has been a rush on headshots of late which probably has something to do with the huge downturn in the economy that many are expecting. If you aren’t looking at revamping your online profile don’t get left behind.

Simones Headshots

Simone was an absolute pleasure to work with which made my job that much easier. Her make-up, done by the very talented Alana from Kiss and Make-Up, was just perfect as well. I can’t stress enough how important good make-up is to getting great headshots.

I photographed a selection of images and varied the lighting to create some images with a bit more mood (shadow) on the face, and some with a more even tone. Personally I prefer the the ones with a bit more shadow.


Whilst having headshots done on a white seamless backdrop is still the most popular choice by far, other options are also available. Black and grey are becoming increasingly popular with some people even opting for a background with a hint of colour to match their corporate branding/image. Almost anything is possible but it seems the clean look of a white backdrop is still king. (For now anyway!)

Simone’s Headshot Review

I absolutely loved working with Graham! After much international exposure where I have been exposed to multiple shoots (that I always dread), my favourite photographer is in my second home town – Durban, South Africa! Good ol’ Durbs hosts the best photographer in the world! Thank you Graham, for putting up with all my instructions, making me love the moment of dread…and for making me, me! – Simone


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