My Thoughts: Making your own portfolio

I came across this post and thought I would share it with the readers of my blog. There are some really great tips, and whilst it isn’t exactly a blow by blow tutorial, it does give you the gist of what is needed to make your own portfolio.

When I started freelancing as a professional photographer, I knew I had to put together a printed portfolio. Unfortunately, I found it very hard to find useful resources on the Internet on how to actually do this. As I had some experience in bookbinding I managed to bind my first book by myself, but after three books I realized that in this stage of my career, I needed to have something a little more flexible. I was aware of books that worked with book screws, but I always thought they don’t open that well and I disliked the look […]

Portfolios are still an important part of being a professional photographer. Whilst most portfolios have moved online, there is still something about being able to hold and page through a a physical portfolio that an online portfolio just can’t match. Wedding photographers know this and it is why we still have sample albums to show clients.

But what if you aren’t a professional photographer? Well, I still encourage people to print out their work, and this offers an excellent way for you to keep and present it. Of course you can also frame your best prints and display them proudly, but a book or two of this nature is still an excellent option for the prints that never quite made it into the frames, or for those times you need to travel with your portfolio.

Is this something you could see yourself doing? Would you ever consider making your own custom/unique wedding albums? Perhaps drop me a line in the comments with your thoughts or any advice if you have already done something similar.

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