Editing Fujifilm JPEGs – via f16.click

I found this article online today and it is about editing your FujiFilm Jpeg images using Adobe Lightroom. Actually, it applies to all camera brands, but there is an emphasis on FujiFilm cameras.

It is written by none other than FujiFilm X Photographer Kevin Mullins who’s wedding and street photography is just simply stunning. For some time I have admired how Kevin is able to get such great shots straight out of camera. Below is a link to his workflow as well as one of his Youtube videos- Enjoy!

Editing Fujifilm JPEGs: A few months back I produced a couple of YouTube videos concentrating on how I edit my Fujifilm RAW files: As you may know, one of the reasons I moved to the Fujifilm X System back in 2011 was because of the beautiful JPEG files that […]

OK, so onto the video.

In it, I explain the basics of Editing Fujifilm JPEGs using Lightroom as well as how to use Presets and Tone Curve presets to simplify the procedure.


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